Person centred

Our training and our toolkits have been created specifically with your people, your customers, clients and service users in mind. Our trainers go further to ensure your team understand their and how they relate to real-world situations, to influence and cultivate resilience both in and out of work. We use easily digestible language and deliver training dynamically to ensure that everyone in the room takes away the meaning and value of their Betterminds session.

Bespoke for your organisation

Betterminds training is bespoke to you and your people, formulated around the concepts and target objectives of the course qualifications. We take the time to understand your needs, your staff and your clients, customers or service users. This ensures that we are able to deliver training that will have a lasting impact on your team.

More than just training

We provide more than just training, your staff will have access to a huge range of resources that directly tie into their Betterminds session to help them reflect and carry the value forwards, not only in your business but further into their lives and real-world situations. Your team will have access to these toolkits and resources indefinitely.

Training Pathways

Our training pathways are specifically tailored with you in mind. For each training pathway we have carefully selected courses that we believe will suit your needs best. Our tools have been specially designed to support you and your learning process, so that you can get the most out of our training.

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Our Courses

At Betterminds we make it our aim to provide bespoke designed teaching programs to ensure you learn the most important and relevant information for your particular needs. We tailor every course individually towards each client we work with to create personal learning schemes that will support your staff to grow as individuals. Our programmes will nurture confidence, knowledge and promote enhanced practice beyond the training.

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A Better Mind & A Better Service

Our training ensures that your staff are equipped with the knowledge and experience to understand not only themselves but the people they deal with on a day-to-day basis; both in your organisation and in the wider world.

Our training has been specifically designed to be applied in a huge variety of situations that deal with people in extremely complex situations, giving members of your staff the tools to understand your customers, clients and service users and utilise this knowledge to bolster the quality of works within your organisation.

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Cultivate Resilience

The modern world is full of new challenges that your staff experience on a day to day basis. While equipping your team with skills and knowledge, they’ll gain a better understanding of the psychology behind their roles and better align themselves to become happier individuals in their roles as they discover internal everyday processes that will help to manage your customers, clients or service users more productively and effectively in your organisation.