The Road to Burnout: Recognising Emotional Overwhelm

This Article Was Published On 17-01-2020

As January continues to drive on with dark nights and the promise of a paycheck seemingly far away, emotional overwhelm seems to be more of a possibility than ever. 


Rationalising your emotions when things start to spin out of control 


Emotional impulses are present in every decision we make, and every path we take. When emotional overwhelm makes an appearance, our feelings become less of a level sea, and more of a wave threatening to consume our more rational, day to day choices. Living life on life’s terms gets harder when life is like this. It is at times of emotional overwhelm that it would be great if a simple tool existed that you can apply to make life easier for you and everyone around you. Is it too much to want a magic wand, ready to be slammed down when an emergency situation presents, so that the world comes to a halt, giving you the space and time you need to push through extreme feelings, and make a better choice? 


It’s easy to look in on others when they are suffering from emotional overwhelm, and wonder why they are not making good choices, and why they are not making effective actions. We all know we are only human, and in those moments of extreme vulnerability, all too human. Chaos reigns for everyone when things start to spin out of control. 


There are some who would describe some service users as chaotic as part of how they typically exist on a daily basis. Imagine if they too could start to take control and responsibility for living their lives, recognising the turmoil of emotional overwhelm and moving past it. Maybe there are not so much chaotic, but acutely vulnerable; and if they were able to stop the world and discharge all their emotional overwhelm then they too would take progressive control of their lives and reconnect with their most effective selves.


Overcoming the extremes of emotional overwhelm 


  • Accept the way you’re feeling 


No matter how you feel in the moment, emotional overwhelm will not last forever. Encouraging your clients to recognise their emotions and actively work through them helps the world slow down once more. Accept the way you’re feeling, and look forward to a time when you’ll no longer feel that way. 


  • Lean on your support system


Finding yourself in the depths of emotional overwhelm can have you questioning every element of the life you live. We all need human touch and interaction at some point in our lives. Enjoying the company of friends, family, colleagues, people you trust, is a powerful way to distract yourself from emotional overwhelm, helping you focus on something else, and reminding you of the importance of human connection. 


  • Keep yourself distracted 


Spending time engaging with the things you love reminds you that things will get better. Whether it’s taking a walk outside, going to the gym or taking time to read a book, listening to your body’s needs will help you experience real relief, helping you remember the feeling of existing without emotional overwhelm.


Putting your mental health on the back burner will quickly have your team running on empty. Here at Betterminds, our training courses are designed to build your team’s resistance to emotional overwhelm, so you can all face the everyday challenges life throws at you, without burning out. Get in touch to prioritise you and your team’s resilience.