Advanced Keyworking

Keyworking is the main vehicle to create change in service users. Core training includes Motivational Interviewing and CBT skills. To move you and your team to a higher level of effectiveness, advanced keyworking training is essential. This training is an amalgamation of tools and techniques that help professionals to be as effective as possible by integrating more effective science based ways of communicating goals. The training explains how the brain is geared to receive key information in a particular way, in order to reduce resistance and promote expectations and committed actions. Advanced keyworking offers not only the best ways to deliver information but also incorporates the specific strategies that you can adopt with some acutely subtle interventions - such as delivering a goal in a different sequence of emphasis leading to a massive impact. If your teams are experienced and you want to help further develop and deliver better positive outcomes within shorter time frames, then investigate advanced keyworking opportunities.

An Introduction to the Betterminds' Advanced Keyworking Course

The Betterminds Advanced Keyworking training course has been designed to upskill your teams to be as effective as possible by introducing them to tools and techniques that can magnify their already existing skill set.

The course has been developed by amalgamating knowledge and skills from a broad set of disciplines, creating enhanced motivation to make positive changes and committed actions.

The training includes an overview of the science behind keyworking as well as discussing the practical applications of the research.

The course will include opportunities to practise the tools and approaches learned, alongside space to identify how to integrate these tools into your practise.

The Advanced Keyworking training is specifically designed to allow you and your team to promote a dynamic dialogue with anyone you are working with, no matter where they are within their change journey, so that change is more prevalent and independence is realised more rapidly.

How Long is the Advanced Keyworking Course?

The Betterminds Advanced Keyworking Course usually runs for a single day. However, this may be extended depending on the requirements of your organisation.

What Will My Team Gain From The Betterminds' Advanced Keyworking Course

  • Rapid rapport building tools
  • Effective ways to promote change to generate self-efficacy
  • An enhanced culture of change within the working environment
  • Knowledge of the tools and techniques needed to raise expectations
  • A lexicon of effective phrasing and approaches that can be adopted to promote change
  • Increasing levels of confidence as practitioners


Where Will The Betterminds' Advanced Keyworking Course Be Useful

This course is useful in all organisations that work with vulnerable people, particularly where there is a desire to further upskill your staff to be even more effective despite evident success and expertise.

This can include all aspects of social care, criminal justice and substance misuse services. This training will help raise attendance and engagement in social housing, probation services, drug treatment provision, eating disorders, mental help provision, any form of community engagement and social prescribing.

What Are The Primary Course Objectives

  • Learn the core principles of persuasion science
  • Understand the tools and techniques of persuasion science and apply them to your keyworking practices
  • Understand the brain biases that impact on keyworking approaches
  • Recognise the role of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in change work
  • Gain reframing strategies to improve the outcomes of goal setting
  • Identify the tools and techniques used to promote change during and beyond treatment



What Else Will Our Team Learn

  • Learn the theory and practise of persuasion science in relation to key working
  • Understand why the successful key working they have experienced has worked in order to replicate it in the future
  • Explain the range of science based tools and techniques used extensively across a range of disciplines
  • Adopt the approaches behind advanced keyworking to improve service user outcomes
  • Reduce resistance and disengagement whilst raising outcomes and shortening the time people are in treatment