Depression is a common mood disorder that many of our service users present with. Fully understanding how it can be minimised by the very works that practitioners could easily integrate into their work would make the accelerate the progress of these service users. Reducing the depressive symptoms would also reduce inertia, promote positive psychology and make the recovery journey much more enjoyable. Interventions that can reduce depression are well document, cheap and easy to implement. As you and your team better use these interventions, the likelihood of lapse and relapse will reduce. As the client has fewer symptoms of depression they will be able to engage better. This will result in better outcomes for the service user and the service.

An Introduction to the Betterminds' Depression Course

There has recently been a sharp increase in the number of diagnosed depression cases within the UK. Many of the routine approaches you already apply can have a huge and fully explainable impact on this life limiting mental health condition.

By choosing to upskill your staff to understand how their routine works can challenge depression your team will equip the service users to be more effective and move through your programmes more rapidly.

The Betterminds training has been designed to upskill staff to understand key causes of depression, what can alleviate the symptoms and how deliberate interventions will help create self-esteem, self-efficacy and also reduce the intensity of any depressive symptoms. 



How Long is the Depression Course?

The Betterminds Depression Course is usually delivered in a day, this may be extended depending on the requirements of your organisation.

What Will My Team Gain From The Betterminds' Depression Course

The Betterminds Depression Courses is designed to teach you and your team a better understanding of what depression is and how your work can directly act to mitigate against depression which will lead to an increase in the rate of recovery and make it more enduring.

You and your team will also gain a set of tools used for helping to minimise depression and also how to implement those tools to best support service users.

Where Will The Betterminds' Depression Course Be Useful

This course will be effective for staff who work with vulnerable adults. The training will help all practitioners who work with service user who report any depressive symptoms. This can include social care providers, medical practitioners, mental health workers,substance misuse workers, criminal justice practitioners and those in the education sector and especially higher education sector.

What Are The Primary Course Objectives

  • Understand what depression is
  • Know how it is diagnosed
  • Understand the main approaches to treating it
  • Experience a range of tools to minimise depression
  • Recognise how to implement those tools to best support service users
  • Be a more confident, capable and empathetic practitioner

What Else Will Our Team Learn

  • You and your team will gain an understanding of what depression is and what the main symptoms are
  • You and your team will be able to work to improve their own wellbeing
  • You and your team will gain knowledge and experience required to help support other colleagues and service users
  • To gain access to a range of helpful tools and techniques to reduce the intensity, duration and frequency of depressive episodes
  • Create a healthier working environment
  • Create a culture of managed emotional wellbeing