Managing Destructive Emotions

Managing Destructive Emotions is a huge challenge for many service users and can result in either relapse of not even engaging in treatment. By having the skills to manage those destructive emotions you team will be able to reduce the challenge and help the service user reposition themselves where they can accept help more ready and progress more rapidly through the treatment process with fewer and fewer barriers to progress.

An Introduction to the Betterminds' Managing Destructive Emotions Course

Destructive Emotions have a huge impact on how well people can function and reach tier potential. The Managing Destructive Emotions Course is designed to help practitioner use the most effective strategies to help their services users to process by learning to manage thier feelings effectively.

Guilt, regret, shame and humiliation as well as anger often affect the self-esteem of service uses and make them less able to make the changes they deserve because these feelings make change feel pointless or impossible. By having the tools to directly address each emotion and the skills to move service users to a more effective emotional state and outcomes will improve.

How Long is the Managing Destructive Emotions Course?

This is a one day course covering how to manage guilt, regret, shame and humiliation.

What Will My Team Gain From The Betterminds' Managing Destructive Emotions Course

Understand of how emotions and feelings are useful but can be limiting is misapplied or mismanaged.

How to rapidly move on from guilt

How to let go of shame

How to sep back from humiliation

How to support service uses to adopt a viewpoint of acceptance instead of judgement and personal hostility

How sway unhelpful feelings with productive ones to create growth and progression


Where Will The Betterminds' Managing Destructive Emotions Course Be Useful

This courses will be useful across all sectors where we work with vulnerable people.

IT is especially useful where trauma is still a dominant issue so will help professionals who work in all caring sectors including social work, housing, addiction , mental health and also criminal justice especially for those how have experienced abuse from others.

What Are The Primary Course Objectives

To help people let go of unhelpful destructive emotions

To give service uses the skill sot give themselves permission to move on

To upskill staff in techniques to promote acceptance

To be able to use specific toolkits to tech others to step away from feeling guilt, regret, shame and humiilation

What Else Will Our Team Learn

Learn to mange your own destructive emotions

Learn about some destructive emotions being and their true function

Learn how to help others manage their destructive emotions

Promote better mental health of the team and the service users

How to create an emotionally safe and secure service