Fulfilment (Creating sustainable exits)

Fulfilment really is the missing piece of the jigsaw for many people when it comes to finding a reason to keep moving forwards. After doing so much to break a destructive behaviour, habit, addressing anxiety or even leaving depression behind, many people report a void in their life - a lack of purpose. Knowing what they are made to do, on a day to day and week to week basis, knowing what really fulfils them will keep this journey moving forwards to give them direction to build a meaningful life.

An Introduction to the Betterminds' Fulfilment (Creating sustainable exits) Course

This course will give you the tools and the techniques to help someone to identify and implement simple changes in their lives so that they become fulfilled.

This skill set will help sustain meaning and purpose in their life, this is especially critical in early recovery as they transition from a life full of unhelpful acquaintances and counter-productive routines to one that is a sound foundation for sustainable growth.

This course will upskill you to help someone self-identify what their daily needs are, that are necessary to feel fulfilled and offer solutions to meet those needs.

How Long is the Fulfilment (Creating sustainable exits) Course?

The Betterminds Fulfilment Course usually runs for one single day, however, this may be extended depending on the requirements of your organisation.

What Will My Team Gain From The Betterminds' Fulfilment (Creating sustainable exits) Course

You and your team will be equipped to help sustain change by helping those you work with rapidly build meaning to fill the void left by addressing the presenting condition.

You will learn what it means to be fulfilled and why it is essential in early recovery. You will have tools and techniques plus the skills to implement this learning.

You will also learn why others despite the opportunity change offers may be fearful of implementing these changes and approaches to support them to continue progressing.

Where Will The Betterminds' Fulfilment (Creating sustainable exits) Course Be Useful

This course will be useful in any environment where change is a fundamental aspect of the work. This work can also be key to help professionals who are vulnerable to burn-out or where retention is a struggle. People tend to move on when they do not feel fulfilled. 

This course helps recognise that fulfilment is about building a tailored lifestyle. Fulfilment can be realised by meeting the whole spectrum of your needs and to make space in your life to allow the needs that work cannot meet, to meet them outside the work environment, then retention will be less of an issue.

What Are The Primary Course Objectives

  • Understand what self fulfilment is
  • Understand how it impacts on recovery
  • Understand what the needs that need to be met to feel fulfilled
  • Experience a range of tools to manage fulfilment and how to help improve your own wellbeing as well as that of others
  • Recognise how to implement those tools to best support service users
  • Be a more confident, capable and empathetic practitioner

What Else Will Our Team Learn

  • You and your team will gain an understanding of self-fulfilment and what it means
  • You and your team will learn how to be fulfilled themselves
  • How to be happier, calmer  as well as more fulfilled in their own lives 
  • Teams will be more motivated and energised due to the wider benefits of fulfilment.
  • The team will help build a culture of positive change and of seeking out and finding personal fulfilment