Effective Keyworking is the primary driver of change for service users, clients and whoever we work with. Keyworking is largely a solitary process, and so staff can become vulnerable to adopting unhelpful patterns and failing to reach their full potential as practitioners. Appropriate keywork training can liberate you and your team to maximise your potential. Being exposed to science-based best practise will nurture the intuitive motivation of your client group, promote growth mindsets and a culture of sustainable change. Keyworking operates through tailored key sessions that deliver self-development skills which can be used to increase support between service users and an organisation. Key sessions are designed to help people build rapport and gather an all round better understanding of where expectations lie and to set and implement effective goals for themselves and others.

An Introduction to the Betterminds' Keyworking Course

This course is designed to help the learner have a greater overview of the purpose of key working. It will help develop a good understanding of the purpose of each session, how to utilise each intervention to maximise outcomes for their clients.

This course will help the service meet its outcomes by helping staff to deliver efficient key-working outcomes for their clients, which will in turn raise confidence and expectations in the practitioner.

How Long is the Keyworking Course?

The Betterminds Keyworking Course usually runs for one single day. However, this may be extended depending on the requirements of your organisation.

What Will My Team Gain From The Betterminds' Keyworking Course

  • Your team will learn how essential keyworking is for self-efficacy and independence
  • You and your team will be equipped with the required tools and techniques necessary to allow you to develop effective keyworking skills and utilise these within the workplace
  • Your team will learn to effectively assess client needs through ongoing assessment and evaluation of progress
  • Build effective communication to raise expectations
  • Tailor your goals effectively for the best possible outcomes
  • Make use of tools and techniques to raise engagement, motivation, expectation and commitment to the planned works

Where Will The Betterminds' Keyworking Course Be Useful


This course is useful in all organisations that work with vulnerable people. This training is vital for all colleagues.

This can include all aspects of social care, criminal justice and substance misuse services. This training will help raise attendance and engagement in social housing, probation services, drug treatment provision, eating disorders, mental help provision, any form of community engagement and social prescribing.


What Are The Primary Course Objectives

  • Understand what makes a key session effective
  • Practise a range of rapport building skills
  • Understand the role of expectations, communication skills, esteem building and effective goal setting
  • Understand the role of a growth mindset for change
  • Be a more confident, capable and empathetic practitioner

What Else Will Our Team Learn

  • You and your team will also learn tools and techniques used to develop effective keyworking skills
  • You and your team will learn how to implement those tools to best support service users
  • How keyworking can improve the overall output of your organisation and your team morale
  • Build a culture of effective change and high exception for all