Negative Thinking

A great of people’s pain stems from flawed thinking patterns. If people were able to think without catastrophising, judging, comparing and creating unhelpful expectations of themselves then their experience of themselves and their world would be very different and they would no longer feel the need to use destructive behaviours to manage their thought and feelings

An Introduction to the Betterminds' Negative Thinking Course

The Betterminds Negative Thinking training course has been designed to offer simple, clear and effective strategies to challenge flawed thinking patterns at their core. This course will cascade critical knowledge not only improve the wellness and self-resilience of your team but to services users, enabling them to swap destructive thinking for constructive thinking and progress through your service more rapidly and with more resilience and independence moving forwards.

How Long is the Negative Thinking Course?

The Betterminds Negative Thinking training course usually runs for around a day, but this can be updated depending on the specific requirements of your team and service as a whole.

What Will My Team Gain From The Betterminds' Negative Thinking Course

This training will help staff to upskill staff to manage their own negative thinking this will reduce burnout and staff overwhelm and help them stay calm in challenging situations so that the operate safely, effectively and creating change to meet the KPIs the service is focused on. They will then be able to cascade all the effective thinking tools to service users to effect rapid and
sustainable change.

Where Will The Betterminds' Negative Thinking Course Be Useful

Service users will learn to step away from catastrophising, judgmentalism and destructive hiking patterns and adopt constructive thinking patterns, These new ways of thinking will trigger more dynamic response through their journey in the service and move on more rapidly with greater resilience. They will be able to challenge themselves more readily and so move forwards and achieve much more in their own lives independently of the service.

What Are The Primary Course Objectives

  • Improved performance and mental health for delegates and service users.
  • Understanding the impact between negative thinking and self-esteem.
  • Understanding how to promote Independence and self-sufficiency in staff and service users.
  • Understanding relationships and their impact on negative mindsets.
  • Understanding how addition, lapse and relapse impact negative mindsets.
  • Understanding how negative thinking can be lead to self-harm occurrences
  • Understanding the core connection between negative mindsets and overall mental health.
  • Understanding how to support users with depression using negative mindset techniques and tools.
  • Understanding the connection between anxiety, stress and negative thinking.
  • Understanding how to engage with negative mindsets.
  • improve the personal fulfilment of professionals and their service users.

What Else Will Our Team Learn

Your team will have a greater understanding of why we adopt negative thinking and the types of negative thinking that could impact individuals. Your team will also have a greater understanding of:

  • Thinking strategies such as over-thinking.
  • Specific strategies to deal with negative thinking.
  • Judgmentalism, mindreading.
  • Destructive language models.
  • Expectations or self.
  • Life’s challenges.
  • Reviewing outcomes.