Red Flags to Burnout

Burnout is an increasing threat to professional carers in the workplace. This is a common event in medicine, social housing, criminal justice, social care including mental health and substance misuse alongside the whole education profession. If you are regularly losing colleagues to burnout or if a colleague continues to have periods of burnout then there are some simple strategies that can reduce this, protecting your staff, team morale and your wider resources all at once.

An Introduction to the Betterminds' Red Flags to Burnout Course

This course has been designed as a direct response to the increased risk to burnout of specific professionals. In therapy it is the norm to see junior and senior management from medicine, especially GP’s, social care and education because the personalities who are drawn to those professional are themselves intuitively caring.

Burnout training has been designed to address the need to upskill these professionals so that they balance their need to be professional carers without losing sight of the need to be responsible for their own needs.

By increasing your own knowledge of how to identifying and managing the risks of burnout, as well as that of your teams, you will be able to greatly improve the overall service output of your organisation. You will also create an increase in team morale and self-fulfilment, which will result in stronger, longer lasting relationships between your team and your service users.

With increasing workplace pressures, it is important for you to take a step back and allow time for self-evaluation. This can include stopping to look at your mental health, your workload and your daily routines. If this is neglected, burnout can occur.

How Long is the Red Flags to Burnout Course?

The Betterminds Red Flags To Burnout Courses usually run for an entire day, however, this may be extended depending on the requirements of your organisation.

What Will My Team Gain From The Betterminds' Red Flags to Burnout Course

The Betterminds Red Flags To Burnout Course will teach you and your team how to better self-manage or avoid, stress, anxiety and depression. It will also teach you how to reduce the impact of heavy workloads and to recognise the signs of burnout before they occur. 

The course will give the skills to stop feeling guilty about saying no and to give yourself permission to prioritise yourself.

You will develop simple assertiveness tools and techniques to help self-manage.

You and your team will also gain access to tools and techniques used to combat stress and anxiety.

Where Will The Betterminds' Red Flags to Burnout Course Be Useful

This course will be effective in any intense work environment or any other high-pressure work environments. This course is especially effective for teams who deal with others such as medicine, especially general practise, social work, housing officers, social care, substance misuse professionals, crisis teams, teachers and related professionals.

What Are The Primary Course Objectives

  • Understand what the causes of burnout are
  • Understand how stress and anxiety play a part in leading to burnout
  • Understand the effect resilience and destructive emotions can have on an organisation
  • Awareness of lifestyle management tool and techniques
  • Understand how poorly planned daily routines can have a negative affect on mental health as well as work performance
  • Work planning strategies to reduce the risk of burnout

What Else Will Our Team Learn

  • You and your team will learn ways to plan and manage your day to reduce burnout
  • You and your team will learn to recognise indicators of potential burnout before they occur in yourself and others
  • Tools and techniques to implement into your organisation
  • The team will be build a culture of self-care