What on Earth is Betterminds?

Betterminds is a leading training provider delivered training across the UK. We are founded on the principles that professionals are people too, and require skills and knowledge to better understand the tools and techniques they can use to address the barriers that affect the people they are working to support.


Betterminds training programmes works to develop your staff to provide a better understanding of the motivations and psychology of your clients, customers and service users.


Because professionals in high-stress environments are more at risk to burnout, Betterminds training integrates tools and person-focused training that aims to improve the quality of life of staff and significantly improve their overall approach to work, whilst providing cutting edge science based tools, techniques and resources to maximise the potential of your clients, customers and service users.


Humble Beginnings

Betterminds was developed by trainer and practitioner Dave Kneeshaw. Alongside Betterminds, Dave has been delivering therapeutic work and training for over 20 years across the social care sector.


Betterminds training developed as a response to some of the training that fails to deliver. Our training is specifically designed to offer tools and techniques instead of graphs and recycled quotes. Much of our work comes with handbooks and even review documentation that challenges the learners review their understanding and their practice to help learners to embed that learning.


Our training offers real life examples of each element of training being applied by practitioners. Because the trainers are also active practitioners, then those examples and all the information is current, fresh and delivered with passion and purpose.


Dave has delivered training across a huge range of sectors including the Police service, Schools and Colleges, Residential rehabs, Community drug services, Prisons, Social Housing services, Council service providers, Social work teams, Mental health teams, GP practises and a whole host of community groups.


Dave has experience working in rehabs, community services, criminal justice services, youth services, education and specialist sexual exploitation and charities focused on reducing the risk and effects of children running away from home..


Betterminds originated with a focus to create an organisation that can provide training in a wide variety of sectors that cascades the most up to date strategies to promote change and wellbeing in the broadest services possible.


Betterminds has evolved to deliver its mission statement:

Changing the lives of staff who dedicate themselves to support vulnerable members of our communities by sharing knowledge, expertise and experience to improve the outcomes for service providers and service users from all sectors in the UK.


If you have any questions for Dave or would like to learn more about Betterminds please  contact us directly via email


or call 0798 197 4796

There's quite a lot that sets us apart from our competitors

We're incredibly focused on the wellbeing of your staff, clients, customers & service users

We have taken the time to ensure that your staff get the most from their experience with Betterminds. Our courses provide you with tools and techniques that are carefully designed with real-world experiences in mind. We provide you with a huge range of helpful resources that you can take away with you once your Betterminds session has ended.

Your staff will have access to real-world tools that we have developed

Our training offers  a variety of Science-based practical tools to create change that are intrinsically linked to each piece of training we deliver. These tools and techniques have been sourced from the existing research into persuasion, motivation, time management to give trainees ready-to-implement strategies.

Betterminds it is not only focused on knowing key information but being apply to the knowledge to invite effective sustainable change.

Because of this we go further to ensure that your team and training participants understand the use of these tools to promote their application towards real-world experiences to deliver applications change, for colleagues service users and to progress your Key Performance Indicators.

Training designed around you, your people and your organisation.

Everyone is different, and so is every organisation. We treat each of our clients individually to ensure we can provide you with a bespoke experience. By taking the time to understand your needs and people, we can design and deliver tailored training that has a lasting impact on your team.

Provided by trainers who are active practitioners.

World-class training provided by professional industry leading practitioners and trainers.

Each of our courses are run by leading professionals with many years of experience in their field who continue to practice daily.

Unique Requirements? That's Our Thing.

We understand that organisations can struggle with issues such as flexibility and that’s why we’ve made sure that isn’t a problem with Betterminds. Our training can take place in your own facilities and when it’s most convenient for you.