Training Pathways

“Our training pathways are specifically tailored with you in mind. For each training pathway we have carefully selected courses that we believe will suit your needs best. Our tools have been specially designed to support you and your learning process, so that you can get the most out of our training.

If you want to find out more about all of the courses we offer, you can also head to “Our Courses” to discover more in depth information regarding those there.”

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Groupwork Pathway

Group working demands a huge set of skills and knowledge. This training pathway will help maximise the skill set of your groupworking staff so that they are able to meet the complex needs of each individual in the group and speed up their progression through the service.

Substance Misuse

Working with substance users demands the minimum standard of DANOS Core competency training. To maximise the potential of your staff, prevent them from going stale, or moving on, this pathway will offer them stimulating, effective and vital professional progression.

Managing Others

Management is a skill of recognising what you are trying to achieve and effective communication. This pathway supports the needs of any effective manager.

Networking and Business

Networking is a vital tool in modern communication. Staff who are fearful of networking opportunities miss key opportunities to increase referrals, develop multi-agency working and opportunities to maximise those serendipitous opportunities that exist.

Professional Competency

Professionals in the social care sector, regardless of their specific role, can benefit hugely from having this broad selection of skills to raise a broad competency to be an effective communicator, independent practitioner and team member.

Managing Emotions in Self

Mental health in teams is vital. Many colleagues burn out due to mismanaged workloads, stress, and mismanaged feelings. This pathway is designed to support any colleagues to upskill them in self-managing their emotional wellbeing. Each element will help build practical skills that they can cascade to service users but will learn how to apply these to themselves too. This pathway will help build emotionally resilient teams.

Public Sector

Public sector social care front line services and management roles demand a broad set of skills. This pathway is designed to meet many of those skills to maximise the potential of your teams.

Developing Professional Resilience

Staff are challenged repeatedly by acutely vulnerable service users. This pathway will help them become more professionally resilient so that they are less vulnerable to making errors, sustain strategies and facilitate those positive outcomes and work to meet current and evolving KPIs. This pathway is ideal for teams that have been subject to dramatic change such as Tupe or have experienced a crisis and been subject to external pressures due to it.

Developing a Better Mind

he demands of social care work drain the capacity of some workers. This pathway is designed to help upskill teams to be both reactive to the evolving needs of staff, alert to a huge range of strategies that can help build the confidence of practitioners and aid resilience that can be cascaded to service users. This training strategy mixes skills with self-care to raise effectiveness and wellbeing.

Care Work

For residential settings and for those who deliver services in the home of clients in the role of a careworker. This pathway can help sustain a highly skilled team and maximise their effectiveness.